Website Hosting

Website Hosting

The resources allotted to each website hosted on a shared hosting plan may be managed and customized using our hosting.   We also recognize that both experts and novices desire a hosting company that is simple and effective. Therefore, our competent web hosting solutions effectively complete the task and are created so that when you expand, your website will grow likewise. It’s definitely a scalable solution.

Free website Migration

Give us your old cPanel username and password, if you don’t know how to migrate your website, and we’ll take care of it.

More Secure

With Imunify360 and DDoS Protected Network, your website will be more secure and virus-protected.

Fast load times

Our servers load more quickly than others since they are Intel Xeon powered and have more than 40 cores.

Reliable web hosting

When your website is down, you might be missing out on a chance to interact with a consumer. We provide a 99.9% service uptime guarantee because of this. 


As you expand, the current configuration can become less efficient due to rising demand. Your content will always be served at the quickest speeds thanks to maximum scalability.

Protection Against Spam Email

We are aware that email communication is crucial while doing business online. We have implemented robust email security that safeguards both your inbound and outgoing mail with an average filtering accuracy of 99.98% and almost zero false positives.

Benefits of using our Hosting solutions


FAQ on our Web Hosting Solutions

When you buy a Web hosting package, we put your website on our servers and give it a special DNS. The DNS is the address that enables users to reach your website from anywhere in the globe. It is necessary for individuals to see your site to have this particular address.

You are acquiring server space when you purchase a website hosting service. It's comparable to the space on a computer's hard drive, and since it's on our server, your website's data may be viewed from anywhere.

Access your current website files and upload them using our Hosting Control Center to transfer your website to us (or via an FTP client). You should be able to ask your existing website hosting company for a copy of your website files if you don't have quick access to them. If you need assistance, we can provide it.

After payment, accounts will be created instantly. After completing your purchase, you should get a welcome email with information on how to get started shortly.

The amount of data being transferred via your web server at any one moment is referred to as web hosting bandwidth. The success of your site depends heavily on having enough bandwidth since it will impact the user experience, particularly during periods of heavy traffic. Every user of your website that visits a page uses bandwidth since they download and upload data to the web server.

A security technology called SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is used to safeguard data while it is sent between devices on the Internet. SSL certificates serve as a visual cue that a website is using this technology. If you don't have an SSL certificate, the majority of internet customers won't purchase at your site.

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