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We assist our customers in producing and disseminating a broad variety of information, from blogs and your niche updates to content research, at high volume and to stringent, international standards. Our native English writers can assist your company with material that improves sales and helps you expand more quickly, all with a simplified procedure and price to fit your budget. Our staff creates well-written, creatively constructed material that is in line with your company’s objectives thanks to their expertise in marketing, branding, and research.

Together, let’s build a powerful brand that will advance your company

You have access to a skilled group of writers and editors via East Coast Digital Marketing (East Coast DM), along with your own project manager. With all hands on deck, we are able to produce top-notch, distinctive content that promotes trust, engagement, and subscriber growth.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Content Marketing

We work with you to create a content marketing strategy that is geared toward reaching your goals. Our meticulously created, compelling material may be modified for reasons such as brand development, sales conversions, or client retention.

Content Planning

Create a strong quarterly strategy and be aware of the direction your content marketing efforts should go in advance.


Create marketing material that is enlightening, practical, and compelling and that supports your targeted results.


Pick the most effective strategy to provide your material to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time and location.

Content That Helps Your Business Grow

You don’t simply get paired up with one writer when you work with us. You have access to a comprehensive staff of accomplished writers, editors, proofreaders, marketers, and researchers when you work with East Coast DM.

How We Provide Content Writing Services

We handle all the content development responsibilities thanks to our significant project management and content marketing expertise, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Our seamless B2B content creation services are created specifically to help you reach your professional objectives.

We work with you to create a content schedule once we’ve determined your brand’s demands. For you, our talented native English-speaking content writing staff will create original, perceptive, and compelling material. Once finished, we’ll assist you in distributing your material to the appropriate audiences by using the appropriate social media channels. To make sure we stay on course, we have approval meetings and offer frequent updates. We will be pleased to review and rewrite the text if any adjustments are necessary to meet your needs.


The key to success for contemporary firms is copywriting. A connection with your audience may be made via well created content that positions your company as a thought leader. The diversified, multi-skilled, and seasoned content authors that make up the East Coast DM copywriting team build their brands via their writing. Every piece of content created speaks directly to your target market while taking into account the objectives and requirements of your firm. You may boost lead generation, raise brand awareness, and eventually boost conversion rates with our authoring services. Our skilled copywriters can provide you with website copy, SEO articles, or technical writing.

Proofreading & Editing

Customers who share information that is rife with grammar and punctuation problems will get a negative reputation. Fortunately, our editing and proofreading services are available to make sure that never occurs to you. We guarantee our customers the best material possible thanks to our skilled staff of writers and editors. Our proofreaders ensure the eradication of all spelling mistakes and inconsistencies as the last grammar checkers. We can assure the quality of all the information produced by your business, enhancing the reputation of your brand, whether you require a quick edit or a thorough quality assurance.


Since the dawn of man, storytelling has been one of the most effective means of communication for transmitting essential information. This type of communication is still essential and has never lost its significance. We have mastered the craft of storytelling, producing interesting material that reflects the voice and narrative of your company. We enable you to establish a more intimate connection with your audience via our sophisticated storytelling.

As a result, trust is boosted and an understanding-based connection is created. Our narrative solutions strike a crucial balance between knowledge, feeling, and facts. With the aid of our storytelling services, you may raise conversion rates by creating a group of like-minded people and connecting with your ideal target market.

SEO-Friendly Content

The goal of search engine optimization is to elevate your brand and business to the top of the search results. Our team of experienced researchers speaks the complex language of SEO with ease. We can select the appropriate keywords and organically include them into your website and text thanks to our extensive research and understanding, ensuring that the exposure of your business grows over time. When used properly, SEO may expand your business’s target market and transform casual readers into regular clients. Let us assist you in putting your business in a strong position to draw in quality leads and improve your reputation.


Content writing FAQ

When we get your request for our article writing services, we connect with you through phone or Zoom to go over the specifics of your assignment. When you hire our services, we'll find out why you're doing it, who you're targeting, where you want the material to be published, and when you need it done. 

We will provide you with the services of a content writer that is well-versed in your industry based on all the criteria. A draft of the article will then be written by the writer for you to review and make sure it adheres to your instructions on style, tone, structure, and overall text direction. The project will be sent to the writer as soon as you are happy.

Research, writing, editing, proofreading, google meetups are some of the aspects that go into setting fees. We will gather information from you during conferences and conversations about your services or goods, target market, and market sector, and we'll use that information to inform our writing to create content that precisely satisfies your requirements.

We do, indeed. We also provide content upgrading services since we recognize the value of new material in luring search engine bots and clients.

You can, indeed. For you, we serve as your ghost writers. We will provide the material to you together with the copyrights once we are through with it. Your article may be printed, shared, or sold again anyway you see fit. However, we can ask you to share a sample of our work with potential customers and share your impressions of working with us.

Because we think it's important to provide specialized services, we have a separate SEO and Internet Marketing team that can assist you with keyword research. You will be charged a little fee if you use our SEO staff to find new keywords for you. Nevertheless, we will include your current keywords as part of our standard site authoring services, free of charge.

Yes, it is true. For you, our writers will produce keyword-rich material without sacrificing the integrity of the article. With our site content writing services, we can assist you in converting a modest amount of traffic into a flood of consumers.

The answer is yes, but not at the expense of quality. We will only comply with your request if it takes the least amount of planning and research or if the assigned writer is an expert on the topic.

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